.NET Library for loading, manipulating and creating various Worms game series related files

This project has been created to provide programmers a central, high-level implementation of the various game file formats used in all the Worms games developed by Team17. It's main focus are the file formats of the second generation Worms games, especially Worms Armageddon, including third-party add-on formats (like ProjectX schemes and libraries). However, this class library is designed in a way which allows 3D generation Worms file formats to be added later on.

For testing the library, we include a "Worms.NET Studio" project which is an all-in-one file format editor at the same time. Basic visualization of the formats is planned to be included for all file formats. End users can use this to edit their Worms-related files.

Currently the project is in a temporary pause.

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